Comanche Stallion




General Lathrop, a man with a violent obsession, seeks retribution for the
untimely death of his son by destroying the horse he believes is responsible for his
death. In the ensuing chase the General drags an entire cavalry detail as well as a
group of Comanches into his web. The Comanches believe the animal is a spirithorse,
a mystical creature they must protect at all costs!

Last western of

John Ford
written by Tom Millstead


John Ford wanted

BURL IVES to paly General Lathrop for Comanche Stallion


 Harry Carey Jr thanks James Arness



 Director/Comamche Stallion


Locations in Monument Valley

Vic Armstrong was Harrison Ford's stunt double on the first three Indiana Jones films alongside wife Wendy Leech. Raiders of the Lost Ark, as stunt arranger on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and stunt coordinator on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

 WINGS as the Comamche Stallion

Custom Ballard Rifle made for Comamche Stallion

 Comanches run down Pvt. Tomilson


Western Artist

did Artwork for Comanche Stallion
Visit his Website and see his western artwork (click on picture below)


John Ford's Valley


In memory of my partner

Harry Carey Jr



John Wayne - He's America


 Produced by Birgitta Johansson     Directed by Clyde Lucas

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(c) 2020 7th Voyage Productions Clyde Lucas Comanche Stallion